Best Log Management Tools

Every now and then every device produces logs. As the technology advances, it is has become critical to keep a close eye on the logs produced by heterogeneous devices in the complex IT infrastructure. For seamless operations in a business environment, you need to manage your logs in the most efficient way using centralized log management techniques.

Best log management tools


Motadata is one of the best log management tools and has a unified platform in which you can access, analyze, monitor & get alerts on logs from heterogeneous devices.Using Motadata you can get access to your raw log alongside retaining them for a very long time. There is no constraint on time and space when it comes to log management in Motadata.


Logstash from Elasticsearch is a standout amongst the most prestigious open-source ventures for overseeing, preparing and transporting your log data and occasions. Logstash acts as an information processor that can consolidate and change information from numerous sources in the meantime, at that point send it over to your most best log management software, for example, Elasticsearch.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a brought unified logs and measurements platform that encourages you analyze log data in real-time utilizing machine-learning, Sumo Logic can rapidly portray the underlying driver of a specific mistake or occasion, and it can be setup to be continually on monitor with respect to what is going on to your applications continuously. Sumo Logic's solid point is its capacity to work with information at a fast pace, expelling the requirement for outer data analysis and management tools.


Fluentd gathers occasions from different information sources and thinks of them to documents, RDBMS, NoSQL, IaaS, SaaS, Hadoop et cetera. Fluentd encourages you bring together you're logging framework. Fluentd's leader highlight is a broad library of modules which give stretched out help and usefulness to anything identified with log and data management inside a brief designer condition.


Rsyslog is a blasting quick framework worked for log preparing. It offers awesome execution benchmarks, tight security highlights, and a secluded outline for custom alterations. Rsyslog has developed from a solitary logging framework to have the capacity to parse and sort logs from a broadened scope of sources, which it would then be able to change and give a yield to be utilized as a part of committed log analysis software.


LOGalyze is an easy to utilize log collection and system framework with low operational costs, brought together framework for log management and is fit for social affair log data from expanded wellsprings of operational frameworks. LOGalyze does prescient occasion discovery progressively while giving framework administrators and administration work force the correct devices for ordering and looking through heaps of information easily.


jKool Cloud causes its clients to unwind imperative bits of knowledge about their log information which would then be able to be utilized to increase the basic leadership in any business condition. jKool's stage encourages groups to enhance their client encounter by taking advantage of pivotal information about client and application movement on server and customer side of things; with complete instruments, you can better see how clients are utilizing your applications and enhance in view of your discoveries.

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